The Outdoors, a Great Place to Unwind and Manage Stress and Anxiety

The Outdoors, a Great Place to Unwind and Manage Stress and Anxiety
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An outdoor environment with fresh air, be it in cultivated gardens, or a more natural setting, can help bring calm to both our bodies and minds, and is especially great when we suffer from stress, anxiety, and depression. Walking, or finding a quiet place to sit and breath naturally, allows nature to reach out to us with calming benefits. This is also true when we are around water sources.

A favourite outdoor source for relaxation is fishing, sitting on a boat in a pond or lake, or even off the end of the local dock. Being near water is calming, and the rhythm of casting out the line and watching it break the surface of the water and waiting is enough. Catching a fish is just a bonus.

We feel good when we breathe in natural environments, especially around water sources such as lakes, beaches, waterfalls and even in the rain. The air smells so fresh after a rain, or outdoors in nature, and around water. When we feel good it helps to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, and boosts our energy levels. Making regular trips to our favourite spots in nature can help us in our journey to wellness, and in maintaining a healthy, positive perspective on life.

The Allstate insurance Blog has some great information on alleviating stress with fishing. Allstate quotes sources that support this sport, one being a study compiled by the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation (RBFF) that states that, “simply being near water can naturally help lower anxiety, leading to a healthier and more relaxed lifestyle.”

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