Michael Dadson, Ph.D.

What services does Michael Dadson at Gentle Currents Therapy provide?

Psychiatric counseling and neurofeedback for anxiety, depression, PTSD, eating disorders, individual, group, family, and relationship counselling including men’s relationships with their fathers, adjustment issues, and developmental attachment injuries.

What is PTSD?

Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is considered a psychiatric disorder by the American Psychiatric Association. PTSD is a serious condition that some people develop after having, witnessing, or hearing about a shocking, terrifying, or dangerous event. This event is referred to as a trauma, or a precipitating traumatic event. These events can be an event of severity, be it an accident, rape or other personal violation or a violent incident, combat, an incident witnessed or attended to by military, police, or other first responders.

What experience does Michael Dadson have dealing with PTSD?

Michael Dadson, Ph.D., has been a Registered Clinical Counsellor since 2000, and served as the National Executive and Clinical Director of the Veterans Transition Network (VTN) from 2014-2018. The VTN provides therapeutic group transition programs for veterans that help them address occupational stress, PTSD and full range of other transitional issues. Dr. Dadson developed a National Network of Psychologists and Therapists who continue to deliver over 30 programs across the Canada, to both men and women, in French and English. He remains an active member of that network delivering programs across Canada since 2012. He has worked with veterans through a program at the University of British Columbia which had a 90% success rate of the 300 veterans who finished the program. Success was determined to be a return to a productive life (UBC Program that Helps Veterans Transition to Civilian Life to Open New Training Clinic to Address Waiting List, 2018).