Dr. Michael Dadson: Rescuing Relationships From COVID-19

Prominent Langley Clinical Counsellor, Dr. Michael Dadson, Says Relationships in Peril Over “Vaccination Debate” and Offers Techniques for Healing

LANGLEY, BC, Oct. 5, 2021 /CNW/ – Michael (Mike) Dadson, Ph.D. is a distinguished registered clinical counsellor in Langley, British Columbia. Since early 2020, Dr. Mike Dadson has been outspoken regarding the mental health impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Effective September 13, 2021, British Columbia introduced a public health order, requiring proof of vaccination for many “non-essential” indoor activities, intensifying the “vaccination debate” among families, friends, co-workers, and broad swathes of society. Many relationships today are in peril as a result of people’s differing opinions of the COVID 19 Vaccines, and Dr. Dadson is seeing grave mental health impacts, especially where families and friends are sharply divided in opinion on this issue.

According to Dadson:
“It is heart-breaking to see friendships, marriages, and all manner of family ties break down due to vaccination status and arguments about politics and science. In many cases, children and young people are in the middle of family disagreements, cut-off from family members due to vaccination status.”

Dr. Dadson recommends that, in the midst of the emotional turmoil, we all make a practice of respect, empathy, kindness, and acceptance, and try to remember that maintaining healthy relationships is critical to our own mental and emotional health.

Dr. Dadson advises:
“If you pay attention to how your own body feels when you are in an angry, judgmental state, you will notice that it feels toxic, because it actually is toxic. If you feel stuck in a negative, angry, or anxious state, try turning off all media, take a pause and engage in self-reflection. Doing this while going outside, even just for a walk around the block is even better. You will often find that the negative feeling disappears, as you walk and breathe in the fresh air, practice self-compassion, and you may be able to agree-to-disagree with others more calmly, or even with humour.”

Dadson states:
“These challenges are also opportunities for us to grow into larger and more complete human beings who contribute to a kind, sophisticated and tolerant society that is more able to meet new emerging forms of diversity.”

Dr. Michael Dadson, Ph.D., Senior Clinical Director of Practice, Gentle Currents Therapy – Counselling and Neurofeedback Therapy, Langley, B.C.

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